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Novels- Books by Author A.C.S. and Featuring Clint-Love 


On this site 

Log into the site and be fascinated by Clint-Love albums. Also links to amazing Action -Romance-Crime- Hi- tech crime-Based on true stories- books by Albert Clint Simms! Author A.C.S. finishes Sequel to I want to be a Star (Sweet Dreams) called I want to be a Star 2 (Mortal Soul). It's a storybook and has nothing to do with Clint-Love wanting to be a Star!   
You can now buy Sequel 3 I want to be a Star (Experience, Knowledge, Wisdom)

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Clint-Love Official Website for Digital Music & Future 2022 Physical alums . Website  Playlist watch the music widget unfold for the fans for this site! Become a Paid member for Clint-Love beginning of his career tracks- now and future. You get it first as a Fan, before it hits the market (Feel special). We added a Special gift instrumentals tab for the big speaker players and Clint-Love website Fans. We hope you enjoy our site and tell a friend about the everything Clint-Love Discount website! Become a Paid member support the source of creator content! Enjoy Browsing Kisses & Hugs among the vaccinated! (-_-)

DJ Snetch most popular Album.Albums tracks consist of tracks from the  Symbol Records everything Clint-Love website. Tracks enhanced by DJ Snetch. Pulled from For the Fans & Music lovers Symbol Records & Entertainment quarantine playlist. These track you can say escaped to the mainstream! (The Record label is the  Album Model)


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DJ Snetch is an artist of Symbol Records  formerly known as BagMan and appears on digital tracks on our site. Go check him out! 

Clint-Love Symbol Records member plan check it out doesn't cost anything to read up on it!

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